Welcome 2021

Video reading this week! ✨

Hello and welcome to a new year!

As I mentioned in the last letter, I’ve moved readings to Mondays in 2021. And here I am! I’m also interested in incorporating more of what started this whole thing: video readings.

So today, video is BACK!

The spread for today is something I felt inspired to create after a short meditation leading into today’s work. It’s simple, yet powerful, and will hopefully offer you some valuable insights into 2021.

I’ll be working with a central archetype card and two tarot cards. There’s also a bonus card at the end.

May we continue to grow, learn, and be more loving, always.

Here we go! xo



Choose a stack

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most? Or maybe begin with the one that you don’t feel. There’s typically a reaction you can tune into either way.

If you have something you’d like guidance on, you can focus on that thing while you’re choosing a pile. If nothing comes to mind, something like, “What do I most need to hear right now?” works just fine.

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

Your reading

Pile ONE

Pile TWO


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