Video Reading {aug 23}

✨Choose your own tarot adventure✨

This is a good one!

I started offering my first public tarot readings a couple of weeks ago. I texted video links of the readings to a few folks who I thought might be into it (thank you if that was you!). It was a great way to dip my toes in and push past my anxiety about putting myself out there.

It was well-received but I couldn’t keep spamming people. Besides, it wasn’t sustainable to keep texting each person. And now we’re all here!

Let’s dive in.

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Choose a stack

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most? Or maybe begin with the one that you don’t feel. There’s typically a reaction you can tune into either way.

If you have something you’d like guidance on, you can focus on that thing while you’re choosing a pile. If nothing comes to mind, something like, “What do I most need to hear right now?” works just fine.

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

Your reading

Stack one

Stack two

Stack three

Elements of influence

☀️Virgo Sun | Scorpio Moon 🌙

Virgo is encouraging a look at the bigger picture. It’s about attention to detail, planning, and grounding. This transition lasts now until the latter part of September.

Scorpio moon (two days) brings up deep emotional tides. It could be dark or heavy or just a lot.

🌺 Weigela (growing outside of my apartment)

It represents a bright future, grace, and yielding to love.

✨Quartz stones

1-Rutilated quartz: promotes spiritual growth | dispels negative energy

2-Quartz point: harmonizes the chakras | aids in psychic ability & concentration

3-Smokey quartz: disperses fear, stress,

Final notes

Remember, take what resonates and discard what doesn’t.

As I’ve mentioned before, whether you believe it’s a direct communication from the collective, or just your brain randomly reacting, it doesn’t matter! It can still help you. For more on that, read this.

Until next time,

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Photos of today’s spreads:

  • Pile 1

  • Pile 2

  • Pile 3