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Your guiding energies for the week ahead

Welcome to another reading! ☀️

Glad to have you here to share in the latest guidance offered by the cards.

Today’s spread is a 3-card layout with an archetypal theme and light/shadow energies to help guide you on your path.

If you’ve been joining me for a while, I’d love to hear how these readings are feeling for you. Respond to this email with any feedback if you feel called!

On to the cards. Have a beautiful Sunday and week,


The cards:

This is a three-card spread. The main card represents guiding, overall energy for you heading into a new week.

The other 2 cards are guiding energies to pay attention to, both light & shadow.

Light energy will help move you closer to your true alignment. Shadow energy is a guide, too, but an energy to be aware of as a possible blockage.

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most? What is something you’re seeking guidance on right now?

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Carnelian: courage, vitality, motivation & confidence✨sacral chakra

2-Rutilated Quartz: psychic ability, positive energy & grounding✨solar plexus chakra

3- Septarian: overall health and well-being, grounding✨root chakra



Planet: Venus

Some verbena lore for you:

Some superstitions suggested “that verbena, ties with one yard of white satin ribbon and left with a sick person, would hasten the return of good health.” (source)

Various mixtures made from the plant were associated with treating epilepsy, asthma, and to “strengthen the womb of a pregnant woman.”

Hold up!

Choose a pile from the photo above before scrolling down.











Pile 1

Archetype: The King

Light: Two of Wands (reversed)

Shadow: Three of Swords

The King archetype is thousands of years old and still holds a strong space in today’s world. It is the ultimate expression of the ego. It is solid energy with a lot of light and darkness.

The King is both in service to the community or an oppressor.

He is charged with keeping a specific outward appearance, regardless of how he feels internally. Private matters are concealed from most, except for a very few confidants. Inner knowing may even be lost from The King himself, a loss that is a direct result of his role and lifestyle.

He is masculine energy embodied and does best when balanced with the feminine.

Light: The Two of Wands reversed represents lack of planning, fear of the unknown. You may have a million brilliant ideas, but without a strategy for how to manifest them. It feels like a kind of creative paralysis.

Shadow: The Three of Swords represents pain, emotional release, grief, and heartbreak. It may feel extra dark, but it is also a sign that you are in the middle of something that will soon transition and be over.

Together these energies are pointing to fulfillment through service to others at this time. Not only will helping others (there are so many ways to do this!) help you process any grief or fear of the unknown, but you will begin to connect with your own internal compass and joy.

Listen to what lights you up and bring that light to others at this time. Maybe it’s sharing a story, buying someone a gift, or offering to help in some way.

Connecting with your heart—and healing any present trauma—may also require some vulnerability, something King energy benefits from, but doesn’t always come naturally.

Start with vulnerability in a private space, perhaps journaling anything on your mind, things you are afraid to acknowledge or say out loud…then destroy the writing when time is up. Twenty minutes is a good place to begin with a timer.

Pile 2

Archetype: Agape

Light: Ace of Pentacles

Shadow: Death (reversed)

Agape is a state of energy that is full of wonder, love, and devotion. It manifests as deep moments of gratitude and connection with whatever higher energy (gods, goddesses, nature, source, etc) that you honor in your life and resonate most with.

In it’s purest iteration, Agape holds a childlike wonder. The feeling of being mesmerized by the simple and profound beauty we are surrounded by every day.

Light: The Ace of Pentacles is a wonderful companion to Agape’s energy. It is your green light to move forward, the sign of a new opportunity. The Ace of Pentacles is particularly in alignment with financial and material gains.

Shadow: Death reversed is a sign of resistance to change. Typically, Death in the upright position signifies change and new beginnings. (It isn’t as dark as people often think). It may also be calling out the need for some inner purging and releasing of negativity.

Together, these cards are strongly calling you into a new and abundant season in your life, should you decide to release control and allow it to take shape.

It will serve you very well to spend the next few days practicing gratitude and trust. Trust that what is best for you is on its way without you interfering! Gratitude and appreciation for the small wonders all around.

Pile 3

Archetype: Kairos

Light: Two of Cups (reversed)

Shadow: King of Pentacles (reversed)

Kairos is calling on your patience. It is an energy of synchronicity and mythic time. When embodied, Kairos helps with alignment and ease in decision making.

It’s the right place, divine timing kind of energy if you allow it. Fighting how things are playing out and forcing things that aren’t ready—picking an unripe fruit—will not serve you at all right now.

Patience, friend. Patience.

Light: The Two of Cups reversed calls for some serious self-love. It asks that you look away from your relationships for comfort and seek peace within. This may require some difficult asks in order to carve out some quiet time, but it will benefit you greatly at this time.

Shadow: The King of Pentacles reversed asks that you step away from overwork, obsession with money, or standing your ground too harshly. Relax a little. You have made it this far, you will survive.

Together, these energies—especially two reversed cards in the same spread—are asking you to take some solo time, as soon as possible. This might be an hour or a weekend, but seeking your own company holds healing and lessons for you right now.

Have patience that all will work out and allow yourself to step back from work, panic, and trying to over-control your life. Instead, fall into things that nourish you and mute the rest. Read, nap, walk, paint, cook…nurture.

You will emerge from this time with a gift, be it a closer relationship to self or another perfectly-timed gift to take on your journey.

Final thoughts

I enjoyed working with these energies today. They were very compatible in each arrangement, with strong messages.

Remember: the light energies and shadow energies are both guides to help you get the most from the cards. The shadow shows up as a warning that you’re straying from the path, the light helps you stay on the path.

Until next time…

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