Sunday reading {no video} 🌿

Pick the pile you're most drawn to for this week's guiding energies

Happy Sunday! Today’s weekend reading will be without the video component as I’ve just had my wisdom teeth out and talking too much doesn’t feel too great 😂

As with all of the information I share here, remember to take what resonates and leave the rest. Don’t force something that doesn’t sit well.

If the stones, planets, plants, and other energetic add-ons aren’t your thing, then don’t worry about it.

Take the perspectives you can from the cards and have a beautiful week!

Also, I’m curious to hear your ideas around this week’s approach compared to the weeks with videos: which do you prefer?

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Today’s cards

This is a three-card spread. The main card represents guiding, overall energy for you heading into a new week and a full moon (Sept 2nd).

The other 2 cards are guiding energies to pay attention to, both light & shadow.

Light energy will help move you closer to your true alignment. Shadow energy is a guide, too, but an energy to be aware of as a possible blockage.

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most?

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Citrine: prosperity, activates creativity and encourages self-expression✨sacral chakra

2-Lapiz Lazuli: self-awareness, speaking truth, self-expression, clarity✨throat & third eye chakras

3- Carnelian: courage, vitality, motivation & confidence✨sacral chakra



I’ve felt interested in how plants, much like the crystals and stones, carry energetic properties. We are all from the Earth (I think), all made of energy, so this is something I’m looking forward to exploring more.

Basil energy is traditionally associated with helping to facilitate change & courage. If you’re faced with new changes, basil (ingested, held, etc.) can help facilitate the process.

Mars & Scorpio

Krishna & Vishnu

“Hindus grow this herb to provide protection for the home and family…” -P Beyerl

Hold up!

Choose a pile from the photo above before scrolling down.











Pile 1

Archetype: Swan

Tarot: Four of Swords & Three of Swords (reversed)

Birds! My fave.

The Swan invites you to approach the coming days with grace and appreciate the beauty that is around you.

Swords are big energy in this reading. They are the suit of Air and are associated with the Hawk. They also represent with the mind, intellect, and conflict. This spread is dealing with matters going on in your mind and reasoning, rather than emotions.

If you were guided to this pile, keep an eye out for our avian friends as their energy will pop up periodically in the coming days to guide you along your way. Hawks & swans may show up in person, in a movie, or another creative way to get your attention.

Light energy:

The Four of Swords is asking you to move into this week by looking carefully at—examining with an objective lens—the things in your life that light you up and the things that deplete you.

Turn towards the small wins, the things that bring you joy, and even rest a little.

The way to follow this energy is discernment: It’s about having a clear understanding of what really brings you joy and turning toward it as often as possible in the coming days.

Shadow energy:

The Three of Swords (reversed) may indicate that you’re just coming out of a period of relative darkness or struggle. If you find yourself wallowing in self pity or darkness, be aware that it won’t serve you.

Sometimes we need to sit with dark energies, but right now you’re being asked to let that shit go.

The swords are a reminder that your attitude will be a key player here. Mindset is a powerful tool for you right now.

Pile 2

Archetype: Polar Bear

Tarot: Ace of Wands & Queen of Wands (reversed)

Polar bear is big energy.

It’s about embracing action and just going for it. You have the power of spiritual strength at your back and your inner wisdom is strong right now.

This spread is full of fire and passion and energy: these are common elements associated with the suit of wands.

You have what you need, now do it.

Light energy:

The Ace of Wands is full of clarity. As you move forward in the coming days, trust your instincts.

Trust your instincts. (Just to be clear)

You may be embarking on a new phase, project, or shift. All signs point to embracing the hell out of it. You have powerful guidance with you right now and action is the name of the game.

Shadow energy:

The Queen of Wands (reversed) is powerful, but rigid.

Be keenly aware of self doubt and a loss of confidence taking over. If you find yourself in this space, remember that this is a time of great strength for you.

Again, turn to your instincts.

If it’s cloudy and difficult to connect with your intuition, it’s important to get outdoors and be quiet for a while. Go for a walk (no podcasts or audiobooks) or just sit in your yard.

You may also find your intuition clouded by another person in your life—most likely a strong female figure (this can even be you!). This energy shows up almost like a bully. If this is the case, lean into your inner knowing…a lot. Act with alignment, not impulse.

Be aware of your own inflexibility at this time.

Pile 3

Archetype: Squirrel

Tarot: Seven of Swords (reversed) & The Chariot


That is the squirrel’s game.

This spread is encouraging planning and preparation. Swords are a suit of the intellect, objectivity.

With the Squirrel in your corner these coming days, anything you can do to plan or prepare will serve you.

Light energy:

The Seven of Swords (reversed) encourages a closer look at things in your life and where you’re headed. Examine your patterns and habits: what can you let go of?

It’s a wonderful time to be imaginative about your future, despite your current circumstances feeling like they might not be able to support your dreaming.

Keep dreaming and imagining possibilities!

You may even feel aligned enough in your planning and visualizing to take the first steps in a new direction.

Shadow energy:

In this spread, the shadow energy is going to have a lot of power over things. Be prepared to notice it and do your best to step into the light/squirrel energy, when possible.

The Chariot will call you to MOVE. But in this placement, you may not be ready. Don’t be too hasty in your decisions right now, especially if you know it’s impulsive.

Your guiding energy is about clear vision and planning. The Chariot will try to pull you from that into distraction and old habits.

Maintain discipline—stay on course—and the Chariot will help you get where you need to go.

Final thoughts

All of this week’s spreads offer some pretty positive guiding light for y’all.

It’s really a beautiful time of year to sit in these guiding energies and imagine where you’d like to go next.

I’ll be back on September 2nd with a Full Moon spread to take you into the next phase of this season.



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