Spring Archetypes

Guiding energies heading into Gemini Sun Season ☀️

New week, new energies!

We’re in Gemini season and a couple of days from the full moon.

What does that mean exactly?

My friend Danielle is much more of an astrological expert than myself, so I’ll defer to her lovely Gemini summary today for some things to keep in mind:

In addition to all of this sunny, strong Gemini energy, today’s cards offer an archetype + tarot to noodle over.

I love archetypal readings. If you’re new to archetypes or need a quick refresher, here’s an excerpt from a previous Capricorn Born post:

Archetypes have always been with us. A few common archetypes include “the mother” or “the mountain” or “the king”. Each has energy—or an energetic signature—it carries with it. Someone may behave in a way that embodies “mother” energy or “king” energy, for example.

Archetypes are like a universal language for describing “vibes” or patterns in behavior that we all experience, no matter our background. Sitting with these energies when they arise offers us the opportunity to better understand the situations we find ourselves in, and how we choose to navigate our world moving forward.

This is a very basic description, but archetypes allow us to label and understand larger concepts in a more concrete and concise way. You’ll find—throughout human history—that they are an essential component in myths, religions, and stories.

Archetypes allow us to make sense of things.

The Cards

The crystals & stones:

1-Green Flourite: gentle healing, focus, and clarity✨heart & throat chakras

2-Serpentine: helps to clear blocked or stagnant energies✨all chakras

3-Garnierite: soothing, grounding, strength during turmoil✨heart chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.














The Lover + Knight of Swords Reversed

You are being asked to learn the art of cultivating wonder in your life or deepen any practices you have in this area.

The Lover is a beautiful archetype that—unlike some fleeting energies—is ubiquitous in our lives. It is available to you whenever you choose to access it. This is the energy of wonder, connection, awe, and profound appreciation.

Kim writes, “It is common to seek the lover in another. The true gift is finding the lover in yourself.”

The Knight of Swords Reversed reminds you that in order to access the peace and expansion of the Lover, you need to get out of your own way. Stop rushing and be present with what you’re doing.

What does your food taste like?

How does the air feel on your skin?

Where can you find vibrant colors popping out of the Earth to enjoy?

The Knight reversed is hasty and misses out on so much beauty. He has high expectations for himself and others and thus is rarely satisfied by what is.

Have you been disappointed in some area of your life recently because things didn’t go as planned or someone let you down? The Lover’s shadow reminds us that looking to others to “make” us happy is not productive or sustainable.

The Knight’s drive towards what he sees brings burnout and disappointment. He doesn’t stop to smell the roses or see much value in doing so. He spends a lot of time in his head rather than his heart and is often bummed out that things aren’t going his way. He misses out on so much to be joyful about.

To connect with The Lover archetype is to deeply experience gratitude. The Lover is “in awe of what the world presents, reveling in the glorious details.” It’s a practice of presence and finding a connection to the external world by first going inward.

Try releasing any expectations of what something is going to be like and instead just be with the miracles happening around you for a while.


The Self + Two of Cups

The Two of Cups represents unification, partnership, and connection.

In conjunction with the Self, you are being called to reflect on the Self in order to gain perspective around some aspect of your life.

Often we live in our ego self—the small self—and get tied up with the stories and constructions swirling around us. But these are only constructions, and no two people experience them the same way. In this way, we are each a tiny Universe.

So what is the ego self and what is the Self?

For example, when you repeat something in your mind like, “My name is….” over and over, this is the Ego’s construction speaking. Go ahead, try it.

But there is an observer, too.

What is the part of you that notices and is able to observe the phrase you’re repeating and the fact that you’re repeating something at all?

The Self.

The Self is the witness, the Soul, the part of you that IS. It is pure and present and eternal.

The stories you construct, the titles you take on, the things you like or dislike…this is the part of you that is a construction. The Self is the observer, it is the pure energy that is divine and perfect in all of us.

This spread is a reminder to notice when you’re spending too much time in the stories and constructions and too little time just being. It’s a reminder to return to the whole.

If you’re interested in learning more about healing and expanding through separation from the ego, try reading one of my favorites: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.


The Mentor + Two of Pentacles

Kim writes that the Mentor “is in service to the greater cosmic good and aids in the elevation of consciousness.” When paired with the Two of Pentacles, it is a reminder to step back from the tasks you are juggling and reassess how you are contributing.

Is there depth and meaning in your day-to-day accomplishments or are you fluttering from one to-do to the next with little intentionality behind it?

This pairing is here to remind you that action with clear, aligned intention will always be the most productive contribution to your community. Your community can be your immediate family, or it may radiate out to friends and colleagues.

Either way, you are likely doing things in your life without a deeper focus or intention.

It can be exhausting constantly juggling our daily tasks, and even more depleting without meaning or purpose to any of it.

You might ask, “Yeah, so how can I find a purpose-filled intention behind grocery shopping?”

Sometimes, it’s stepping back from the “thing” and looking at how it serves you. Food is necessary for sustaining life. It brings us pleasure and gives us energy.

When heading to the store, one possible intention might be to align with food choices that serve your highest health and provide the most energy or pleasure. With an aligned intention behind the most basic tasks, we make choices that usually serve the highest good.