Let the Animals step in with some guidance for a new season

Spring is here! I love saying that every single year.

I took some time this weekend to add some flowers—a lovely gift from my mom—and other items to my altar so it glowed with high vibe energy.

My spring altar:

Why an altar?

You don’t have to be religious or in a church to have an altar. An altar serves as a visual reminder of your intentions, prayers, and a kind of energetic anchor in your home.

Everything is energy, so having space where your purest affirmations and intentions are front and center is a super-easy way to raise the vibration in your space.

There are SO many ways to start building your own altar, and there is no wrong way to go about it.

I like to incorporate plants, as well as the four elements (earth, fire, air, water). Feathers you find work for air, for example, and the others are fairly straightforward. From there, it’s up to you! A quick Pinterest search should help if you feel stuck. Start with the priceless meaningful things and go from there.

Get outside and watch all the things grow!


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The cards

Today’s reading

I’ve called in the animals to offer up an energy theme for the beginning of spring, as well as a guiding message to keep in mind.

Breathe, listen, then choose a pile. No need to rush.

The crystals & stones:

1- Orange Calcite: creativity, helps with low energy✨sacral chakra

2-Rose Quartz: heart opening, soothing, fosters empathy & forgiveness✨heart chakra

3- Serpentine: helps to clear blocked or stagnant energies✨all chakras

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












The Lion and the King of Wands

Big energy going into spring for this group!

What is the message?

You have absolutely everything you need. If you’re waiting for something to happen or feel like you need certain things to be a certain way to proceed, no need. You’re supported by the energy of courage and the people who love you.

The King of Wands, like the Lion, is a leader. He is passionate, intense, and full of big ideas. This might be you, too. But be aware—because of the reversed position—of being too impulsive or hasty at this time.

You have what you need.

Like the Lion, spend an afternoon seeking what you want, either in meditation or journaling. Don’t dawdle too much, but be measured in your progress and next steps to avoid the mess that hasty behavior can bring. Patience is key.

This is an exciting Spring for you dear reader. Decide what you need to bring forth in your life and go for it.


The Swan and the Eight of Wands

You are moving into a space of clarity this Spring, a wonderful thing! Clarity is the root of all forward movement and motivation.

Listen for folks around you with the Swan’s wisdom and light. They might be a friend, a person you like on a podcast, or the author of a random article you come across.

Try, like the Swan to glide through the waters of your life as Spring begins. What does this mean?

Take in your surroundings. Listen carefully. No need to race ahead or churn up murky water or dive deep emotionally. Enjoy the simple beauty and wisdom on the surface of your life. The sunset. The food you eat. The flowers breaking new ground.

The Swan glides between the shadow of the deep water and the light of the sun. Try to do the same and seek balance in your life where you think you need it.

Embracing the Swan’s energy will guide you to new insights, as well as temper the forward movement and fire of the Eight of Wands.

You’re heading for change and growth and insight, and rather soon.

For now, keep your heart and eyes open. Take it all in. Where you’re heading will be revealed at the perfect time.


The Dolphin and Strength

The season has arrived for you to play. Enjoy it all.

If you’re in a darker time, what does that look like?

Nature is here to support you now, and always. But the energy of spring and new growth brings with it the ability to nurture you, too. There is SO much energy coming forth at this time, and it’s here to help move you along.

It’s also available to help you heal, if healing is needed. The forward-moving and creative power of Spring is hard to comprehend, and it is here to help you enjoy your life.

Better things are ahead.

The Strength card reminds you that you are strong, but also that your compassion and influence can benefit others. Remember, sometimes our deepest pleasure—the enjoyment the Dolphin brings—is found in being of service to others.

Be light about things this season. Allow the energy of new life and growth to guide you, hold you, and move you down your path. Take walks. Smell flowers. Call friends.

Enjoy what is coming, and what is already yours.

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