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Tarot to help you connect with your inner wisdom

Hello dear souls, tarot Sunday is back!

It felt good to hear from a few of you who asked, “Did I miss something? Is there a reading this week?” Wonderful to know that things are resonating for so many of you. That’s the aim!

I posted a note on the Capricorn Born Instagram account, but if you’re not following, you probably figured out that I didn’t have a reading for y’all last weekend. Consider following on IG for other mid-week posts, if you’re interested.

We’ve entered into Scorpio Sun season. My friend and experienced astrologist, Danielle, explains this time best:

“The scorpion was one of the first animals resourceful enough to move from water to land. It has 8 legs and is the 8th sign of the Zodiac... and when you turn that number on it’s side, you get the infinity symbol ♾- meaning an auto loop of possibilities, resources and flow.

It’s a sign highly connected to Source and sensitive to empathic abilities (thus why it’s suited with such a strong armor) - Scorpio is a knowing sign and can read the room oh so well... sometimes to it’s amplified benefit or it’s deterrent, something it must decide.

Whether you were born under this sign or not, we all have access to the magic and essence of Scorpio this season.

You have the chance to see how much you are than you think. To step away from the toxicity and abuse that fuels your doubt and weakens your spirit.

Take time to reflect on regrets and the shoulds that may still silently run on autopilot and give yourself permission to recognize where you’ve been doing the best you can.

This period will be a mirror for what is meant for you and further the changes to be had in seeing it come to light.

There is a lot of venom swirling around however trust you are smart, kind, and confident enough to spit it out.

Find simple pleasures to renew you and take care of yourself. Keep connecting to your spirit, lean on healthy support and witness the transformations unfolding.”


The cards

Today is a 3-card spread meant to be read as a whole message, one that informs whatever question you’ve asked. I’m working with the classic Rider-Waite deck and an oracle card for a unifying theme.

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most?

What is something you’re seeking guidance on right now? If nothing comes to mind, try, “What do I most need to hear right now?”

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Rose Quartz: heart opening, soothing, fosters empathy & forgiveness✨heart chakra

2-Citrine: joy, positivity, and prosperity✨solar plexus chakra

3- Orange Calcite: creativity, helps with low energy✨sacral chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












This is a very heart-centered spread, including the influence of Rose Quartz as a supportive, heart-opening stone. It encourages self-love, and acceptance of others.

You are well-supported right now, but you might not see it. You’ve chosen to lean into your independence and go it mostly solo. Despite having people in your life that you know you can depend on, part of you is choosing to pull back a bit.

You might also be questioning your own worth when it comes to your life, and the role you’re playing in it. You’re profoundly capable and self-reliant, but you aren’t necessarily feeling that way. As the stars remind us this month, you are enough and worthy. Not just during Scorpio, but always.

The cards are nudging you out of your internal, independent shell and suggesting you reach out to others—for friendship, collaboration, help—and cease any nagging doubts you have about your own capabilities or worth.

You’ll find peace in the support others can offer you right now. You’ve managed a lot on your own and now it’s time to let others support you. Let it in, soak it up. By doing so you are on the path to healing, abundance, and prosperity. None of us succeeds alone.

There is a tremendous amount of abundance within your reach.

Intention for the week: I intend to allow my community to lift me up. I recognize I am not an island, but a powerful piece of a greater whole. I am enough.


It’s not always easy to release our pain and problems, to trust that all is well, especially with fresh setbacks or wounds.

As the oracle suggests, these cards are reminding you to release what is out of your control, and with time, you’ll begin to grow again.

Give this process the time it needs.

Like planting a seed, now is time to plant your desires and wait. We don’t check the seeds we plant every hour or every day and abandon them if we find nothing. No. Instead we trust the process. We know that eventually, that seed will break soil. We let it go and trust.

You’re dealing with some deep internal issues right now. They may have been triggered by something recent or steadily beneath the surface for a lifetime. You’re likely feeling some pain and loneliness, too.

All of these cards are showing the need for self-healing.

It’s likely that as you heal, you’ll be reevaluating where you’d like to go next. Or perhaps, the kind of person you’d like to nurture within yourself. This could be a healthier version of you, a more adventurous side or yourself, or anything that feels like it’s coming forth from deep down to serve you.

Intention for the week: I trust in the process of healing and growth. I am moving in the direction of my best self and I nurture that vision daily.


You have faced a great deal of internal turmoil and self-doubt recently. It may have been faintly present for many months, or years, but in recent weeks things have bubbled to the surface.

You’re learning to silence your inner critic, the voice that so often puts you down or sows seeds of doubt. You’re healing and slowly learning to recognize that you aren’t your stream of negative, fear-based thoughts, but a powerful creator connected directly to the divine.

Embrace your divinity and you will grow stronger each day. Know that you are always supported and that you are far more powerful than you can comprehend. Just look to the unfailing processes of life you’re a part of: nature.

Be present enough to recognize your inner critic and to silence the negative voices you previously let go unchecked. As the oracle suggests, take each step in your personal growth little by little.

When you embrace your perfect, divine energy, you are in alignment with your Self. Try to be there as often as possible.

Intention for the week: I am loving awareness. I recognize and silence my inner critic, and by doing so, embrace my true power and divinity.

Thank you for being here. Sending love to you all.


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