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Monday reading ☀️

Hello and welcome to another reading ✨🌿

I debated posting something today due to the heavy nature of what’s happening here in Minneapolis. But it feels like having any kind of tool for guidance might be helpful, so here we go!

This will be a one-card reading.


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The Cards

The crystals & stones:

1- Black Moonstone: calm emotions, feminine energy, hormonal imbalances✨root & third eye chakras

2- Tumbled Apatite: speaking clearly and honestly, communicating✨throat chakra

3-Garnierite: soothing, grounding, strength during turmoil✨heart chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












Three of Wands

This is a card of opportunity and progression. If you’ve been chipping away at something, keep at it.

This is a reminder to keep your eyes open for opportunities. Remember, too, that often we tell a story about what we’d like to have happen and forget to be open to other possibilities.

For example, you may be dreaming about a getaway by the sea in a big, beautiful space but you have no idea how you’ll afford it. Your story might center around making and saving more money when the Universe decides to send you a friend of a friend who has a gorgeous beach home and desperately needs a housesitter.

See how this can work?

Stay open, curious, and playful about what is coming your way.


Ace of Cups, reversed

The Ace of Cups reversed reminds us to spend a little more time looking inward, and less time looking to our external relationships for a resolution.

This is about self-love AND dealing with some repressed emotions.

Often when we’re struggling with something it’s easy to look to others and what they say or do or don’t do to explain our feelings and current situation. Instead, look inward at anything you are carrying that may color your experiences and start unpacking it.

If you continue to nurture your old, worn-out story, it’s like experiencing your reality through tinted glasses when you have the power to release your story and judgments and remove the glasses altogether.

In this place, the actions of others won’t influence your day to day the same way. It is a form of freedom.


Six of Pentacles

This is a beautiful and simple card that invites you to examine ways that you can give back.

It doesn’t have to be financial, but in any way where you are abundant. Perhaps you love to cook and drop a meal off for a friend. Maybe you decide to collect trash in your neighborhood park for an hour.

Wherever you are abundant, consider moving that energy into a place of service, big or small.

This is also a reminder to be open to receiving abundance.

Small gifts, compliments, and kind words are often things we don’t sit with and really appreciate. Be open to the give and take and the flowing nature of abundance itself.