New Year's News ☀️❄️

A small change to upcoming readings

Hello Tarot family, and welcome to another Sunday!

I hope this holiday & transit season has been kind to you, however you choose to mark this time in your life.

Some news

After testing out a weekly letter for months, I’ve decided to move weekly readings to Monday. You’ll get your next installment January 4th, as I’ll be taking this final week of 2020 to reflect and do some inward work.


I’ve found that—despite a total lack of religious affiliation—my Sundays have become sacred, especially for Natalie-time. Over the past few weeks, I’ve found I’m reluctant to open my computer on quiet Sundays, especially since I spend far too much time tethered to it throughout the week.

The last thing I want to feel as I dive into weekly energies and readings is negative, I-have-to-this energy.

So, I’ll be with you again soon!

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Blessings for a bright and healthy New Year,