New Moon Pick-a-Card ✨

Guidance for the week and moon cycle ahead

Welcome Seekers to another moon cycle and week!

The New Moon (tomorrow) is close, and with it brings the opportunity to offer up intentions.

Before you ask & pray, it is also a beautiful time to sit with gratitude for all of the daily gifts you’ve received: food, shelter, love, warmth, etc.

Take some time (ideally 20 minutes) to quiet your mind and journal your appreciation. It might feel clunky at first, and that’s okay. Write the same thing, if needed, to allow your mind and spirit to fall into flow.

Frustration or impatience is normal. Invite it to join you and teach you.

We expect to drop into sacred space so quickly, which often causes frustration. “I just can’t meditate or journal. It doesn’t work for me. My mind is too busy,” and so on.

We live in a highly charged time and a fast-paced world. If you’re interested in exploring the healing power of daily writing, 20 minutes is suggested because it often takes 10 or more minutes just to get going.

Today’s Oracle cards are here to offer messages that spark your inner guidance to speak up and help you out.



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The Cards

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most?

What is something you’re seeking guidance on right now? If nothing comes to mind, try, “What do I most need to hear right now?”

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1- Orange Calcite: creativity, helps with low energy✨sacral chakra

2-Black Moonstone: calm emotions, feminine energy, hormonal imbalances✨root & third eye chakras

3-Serpentine: helps to clear blocked or stagnant energies✨all chakras

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.













This card highlights the Merkabah (light, spirit, body) which holds great power and wisdom.

The Merkabah “is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms.”

You have the power to create anything you desire.

What happened in your mind after you read the above sentence? Did part of you question that assertion? Did you immediately start rationalizing why it might not be true?

You are being called to tune in to your subconscious mind, the driver of your ship. The ruler of your inner kingdom.

Your conscious mind likes to think it’s in control. But you're mostly driven by subconscious behavior that is deeply embedded in your being. Most of what your subconscious mind understands about the world it learned when you were a kiddo.

Oh, great, a child is driving my decisions?

Yeah, mostly. But we can heal that child and make decisions rooted in alignment and universal guidance instead of fear, which is a large part of how we navigate our world: survival. That’s what we learned.


Take a few breaths before you act or speak. Practice the exercise of recognizing when you internally or externally talk yourself out of something, such as a new opportunity. “But it would be expensive. But it’s Friday and I’ll just wait until next week. But I’ve never even met them, how will I know if I like them?”

What is your little subconscious kiddo trying to keep you safe from?

Work through that. Begin the process of healing and welcome in your deepest desires so they can flourish without fear.



Alchemy asks us to trust the process of change inevitably happening around us, always.

When we alchemize energy, lessons, and the gifts in our life, we turn them into something new in an unexplainable, magical way. Miracles. Gifts.

This card “is an opportunity to accept the promise of hope, unity, and abundance…Open your heart to make room for your dreams to grow.” -from the deck guidebook

You might be thinking, “But I am not content with what I already have.”

This spread is calling on you to see the power you have to change anything.


So how do we do this?


Make time daily to quiet your mind and receive inspiration from the collective.

Universal guidance supports all life and energy. Fine-tuning how you receive this guidance is best started with a quiet mind. Five minutes a day, if you’re just starting.

Take what you have—all you’ll ever need—and find ways to transform: your perspective, your routine, your energy. Everything is energy, and by first transforming your space and self, you’ll begin to alter your world.


Sisters’ Healing.

Anytime you’re hammered by the reminder to be grateful, it helps to sit with what that really means. To feel grateful, not just list out things intellectually that you know you’re glad you have in your life.

There’s a difference.

Have you ever narrowly missed an accident? Your body reacts with powerful emotion in the moments following. It is a pure, strong relief.

Try to really dig into gratitude by feeling it in your body. Find a way—through practice and quiet—to trigger an energetic flood of appreciation whenever possible.

Sister’s Healing coupled with gratitude is a powerful mix. Matriarchal-female-sister energy is deeply knowing and powerful. It is vulnerable and healing.

You’re being invited to feel into your emotions more at this time. Recognize all of them in your body when they arise, light and dark. They are all present to serve you in some way.


Allow more time with your emotions and feelings. Make room for expression of them, too, to your family, partner, friends. Communication and acknowledgment of your emotions is a communication from Truth.

We cannot deny an energetic reaction in ourselves or others. It is Truth.

What are you doing to ignore your truest feelings? What are you saying to avoid expressing yourself fully? How can you make more space to identify your feelings exactly as they are?

What are the daily lessons they bring specifically for you and only you?

Do this, with gratitude, and your experience will begin to change.

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