New Moon {aug 18} 🌙

The new moon is about setting intention. Pick a card.

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of this journey: email #1.

It seems like a perfect time to get things going: a new moon.

When I say, “to get things going,” I mean that it’s my intention to move the weekly (up until now via text) readings and other high-vibe goodies here to this newsletter. This way I’m not spamming you with texts. Better even still, you can access readings on your own time.

Join me for a virtual adventure with the cards as they offer guidance to connect with your inner wisdom, help to align you with your truth, and even offer up a little light-hearted fun.

All this to inspire a richer, happier lens that you can look through into your everyday world.

👉If you’re feeling lost or skeptical, I strongly recommend reading this before moving forward.

New moon energy is a wonderful time to set new intentions.

Today’s New Moon reading is a shorter, slightly different format from the video readings. The in-depth video readings will be weekly on Sundays.

Along with any intentions you feel called to set for this cycle, you may be feeling a bit of the Leo energy that’s ubiquitous right now.


Well, understanding the nuances of astrology is relatively new to me. However, it’s deeply connected to the Tarot and other energy work so, slowly, I’m learning.

Here’s what I can tell you about Leo:

The sun and moon both find themselves in Leo right now. Leo energy loves to burst onto the scene with loud, endlessly spontaneous, and creative energy. The lion. Courageous. Bold. The performer. It is the kind of energy that may buoy creative projects.

Step out there. But be okay with your creations and avoid seeking public approval. The shadow of this lion energy is pride. Create something because it feels aligned, not because others might like it. It’s about expression, not accolades.

The cards

This is a two-card spread. One card represents guiding energy for you during this new moon. The other offers advice for your path forward.

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most?

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Larimar (harmony, peace, and healing | throat & crown chakras)

2-Smoky Quartz (disperses fear, stress, and negativity | root chakra)

3- Green Amber (tolerance, hope, balance | heart chakra)

Hold up!

Choose a pile from the photo above before scrolling down.











Pile 1

Archetype: The Father

Tarot: 5 of Swords

Okay, hold onto your hats.

The archetypal energy of the Father is masculine, strategic, and supportive. But it is a strong duality, both guardian and abandoner. Look for this energy in your life as practical, solid energy. Perhaps steady work, or a trusted partner if you’re feeling good. If you’re feeling heavy, it may feel like something’s “off” in your life. Mistrustful.

When light, this energy is dependable.

When dark, this energy exposes limitations. Like peeking behind the curtain in Oz. It can feel disappointing or, in some cases, like a relief.

The 5 of Swords is calling you to address conflict within this Father energy. This can be a heavy undertaking.

The 5 of Swords won’t allow you to avoid things. Instead, it asks you to walk right through. The harsh thing may have already happened and you’re standing in the aftermath.

Perhaps someone or something in your life embodying Father energy needs to be confronted. You may also feel like you’re competing with something or someone that’s making you feel like winning at all costs.

Together these cards send a message that you must pick your battles. Examine what really matters to you and nurture those parts of your life.

There may not be relief in winning or uncovering all the answers. Winning at all costs creates more ickiness that’s heavy and unnecessary. You may need to apologize for something at this time.

In any case, don’t discard any lessons from the difficulty that you’re facing. They are powerful, valuable, and will guide you in the future. Pheonix-from-the-ash kind of stuff.

Pile 2

Archetype: The Self

Tarot: The Fool (reversed)

The Self is beyond our identity in the world. Have you ever stared in the mirror long enough to wonder “who” is staring back? Once your face begins to take on a barely-familiar shape there’s still a knowing that’s present. The Self.

This card is calling you to recognize that you are more than your thoughts. The self is the you behind the you. Dig deep here. Step back. Maybe you need to lock yourself in the car for 10 minutes. Great.

This energy is calling out to be recognized. Who is the Self beyond the superficial things we subscribe to: job, name, labels, language, roles, etc?

The Fool (reversed) is clear: you are working through some fear right now. You’re standing in your own way, holding back somehow. This could be as deep as speaking your truth to someone that needs to hear it or a bit lighter, like trying to decide if you should accept an invitation.

When the Fool is upright, it is the embodiment of youthful, carefree energy. The Fool reversed is careful, not carefree. He sees every possible way things might go wrong. He feels like people will see through him, label him a fraud. He’s worried he’ll be found out. No risks here. He’s paralyzed.

Together these cards send a clear message to step into yourself. Own YOU. The real you. No labels. No expectations. No judgment.

It’s permission to be confident, but only if you’re aligned and honest. If you’re pretending, you’re not aligned.

So, what you want? If even for a minute, be honest with yourself. It’s safe to be honest with yourself, you don’t have to tell anyone but you are being asked to let go of the fear. No room for worrying about what other people think right now.

If it’s effortless, if it comes as naturally as breathing, go for it.

Pile 3

Archetype: The Sustainer

Tarot: The Knight of Wands

The Sustainer is reliable. This energy is the steward of our traditions, responsible for keeping the peace. This energy longs to hold things together. Maintains order. This can mean relationships, routines, and systems. It goes to great lengths to make sure things are stable.

The Sustainer likes things to stay just as they are. Don’t bother me to go to the party, it’s cozy and predictable here at home with a good book. That’s what this feels like when it shows up.

But there’s a darkness to this archetype: resentment and fatigue. Can’t you see how hard I work to keep things going around here? I’m exhausted. That’s the Sustainer, too.

The Knight of Wands is full of energy to move forward. Wand’s element is fire, just like Leo. This card—in tandem with the current astrology—is screaming for adventure and risk-taking. It has an idea and wants to pursue the hell out of it.

Together these cards are complementary, sort of. You are being asked to shake things up a little and trust that the fire of the Knight with pull you through.

You’re likely facing a lot of “wanting to stay home with the book status quo” vibes, but this spread is saying something quite clear: Step out with some courage and confidence, try something new.

It’s what you need most.

Final thoughts

I find it helpful when working with new archetypes to save an image as my screen saver or set a phone reminder to ping me every day. It can take a while to notice when these energetic signatures show up, but once you do, it can be very insightful and powerful.

And fun!

That’s really it, right? Enjoying this journey. Let the darkness guide you, not scare you. A heavy reading or card is simply pointing you in the direction of where you’d rather go.

It’s all in your highest interest. It’s your mirror to what you already, somewhere, know.

Leo Love to you until next time,


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