🌱New Month Intentions {Feb 1}

Animal Oracle pick-a-card

Welcome to a new month, Seekers.

As I was meditating on what felt good to read today, I felt a strong pull to the Animals (not uncommon for me) and thought they would bring positive energies to this new month.

How do you want to show up this month?

Today’s messages are intended to give you a little boost of guidance as you enter into a new month.

A new month at the beginning of a new week is a high vibe time to revisit your intentions and reassess what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

For me, I’ve modified my morning routine a little bit so I have enough time to get everything in without feeling rushed.

Align then choose

Before jumping in, take a moment to reflect on how things are going. We’re pushed into new commitments and routines with the momentum of a new year, but often we lose focus and forget to revisit what we’re after.

It’s easy to lose track of and forget what you were aligned with just a few short weeks ago. But the key is to be flexible. Change what isn’t working. Make adjustments that feel right.

Once you’re feeling connected to that place, choose a card.

The crystals & stones:

All of today’s stones are white selenite pieces

1-3 Selenite: a master healer, stimulates the immune system, balances body, regulating energies✨Crown chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.











This energy is about going inward. Be observant and quiet.

This month might be time for you to look more deeply at what you know, deep down, and sit with whatever it is that comes up.

Are you keeping something buried? Avoiding something that you know should be addressed?

You’ve likely been moving at a pace too fast for healing and acknowledgment. You’ve become excellent at avoiding your own inner knowing because it’s something that’s going to take some doing to address.

The Lynx is here to remind you that your inner knowing is always right.

It feels like some solitude and reflection will be very healing for you right now. Before taking action, step back and reflect.

Align yourself first, then act.



This is all about floating downstream, baby. It’s light. It’s joyful and playful.

You’re being reminded that it’s so very important to enjoy life, even when things are challenging. Having a sense of humor about things is healing. It’s a modality that balances the hard work of addressing tough things.

The Dolphin asks that you pay attention to where you notice fear come up in your life, then release it. Trust yourself and the universal intelligence that is guiding all who listen.

You are being called to light healing through breath & play.

If you feel stress closing in, take a few deep breaths. How can you find a playful, silly, or ridiculous side to your situation? Where can you laugh at life a little bit?

Go into this new week and month with the intention to be lighter, to release fear, and to laugh more.



Dearest Wolf pack, you are on the cusp of something new and beautiful. Divine guidance is showing you how to lead in some way—at home, work, or with friends—so listen for the call.

It might be something you’ve been sitting on for a while, but whatever it is inside of you that wants to come out, let it.

Don’t overthink too much. Your gifts are unique to you, and you lift others up when you’re walking in your Truth.

Now is the time to use your gifts to lift up others. These are sometimes quiet, beautiful offerings. And sometimes, they are big.

You’ll know.

If you’re feeling like you’re carrying too much right now, it’s a sign to lean on your people. You are steady, strong, and will achieve what you intend to. But only if you care for yourself.

If you need support, ask for it.

Let your gifts rise up and carry others right now.

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