Mystic Art Medicine deck for this new moon 🌚

A 3-card spread to welcome Spring and new possibilities 🌱

Welcome to another week and a brand new moon!

Whether you follow the moon cycles or are indifferent to astrology, it’s still a wonderful time to reset and reassess. Check in with yourself and your alignment, revisit goals or set new intentions.

This week combines an oracle theme with light and shadow energies, one of my favorite spreads to read.

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Happy new moon,


Which pile draws you in the most?

Now is the perfect time to ask for support around your New Moon intentions. What is a new possibility you sense opening up? What do you dream of?

If nothing comes to mind, try, “What do I most need to hear right now?”

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Garnierite: soothing, grounding, strength during turmoil✨heart chakra

2-Serpentine: helps to clear blocked or stagnant energies✨all chakras

3- Black Moonstone: calm emotions, feminine energy, hormonal imbalances✨root & third eye chakras

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












Goddess of Water

Light: The Empress, reversed

Shadow: Queen of Cups

We are water, and water is a powerful carrier of vibration.

You may not notice it, but the body stores your experiences, good and bad in the form of energy signatures. Over time, this is what makes up how you show up in the world.

The Goddess of Water invites you to explore how you might more fully own who you are, your truest light.

Where are you hiding?

The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you might be pushing away opportunities to be more compassionate and caring. She is a strong, emotionally stable, and intuitive force. Where can you embrace these qualities more often?

It is part of your journey to step more fully into your true self.

The Empress reversed is here to remind you that you are stronger than you think you are. If you find yourself talking down to yourself or depending on the acceptance and advice of others, turn inward to your own light.

This reading is here to help you step more fully into your light. Own what feels in alignment for you and trust that you have the right answer. Don’t hide behind others or your own fear but instead listen for ways to be more authentically you.


Core Healing

Light: Eight of Wands

Shadow: The Hierophant, reversed

In your life, you have experienced trauma. Perhaps it was falling off a bike as a kid, getting scolded, or losing someone you love suddenly. It doesn’t matter how big or small, or when in your life timeline it occurred.

If left unhealed in our bodies, trauma energy will continue to influence the way we show up now, even decades later. These energy signatures are recorded by our bodies and become the place from where we operate.

Core Healing is an invitation to understand that you can heal and release these knots of shadow energy inside of your body.

The beautiful light energy of the Eight of Wands suggests that if you choose the path of healing, things will unfold and release quickly for you. You are ready.

The Hierophant reversed knows that this will challenge you. If you find yourself questioning what others might think, or even your personal beliefs, trust that this is only the shadow energy pulling you off course.

To release trauma, there are many paths from breathwork, to therapy, to plant medicine or journaling. You choose. Then with your renewed commitment to release, watch things unfold.



Light: Two of Wands, reversed

Shadow: Ten of Cups

Initiation calls you to a deeper level in your practice. Perhaps it’s a new modality like breathwork, or maybe a longer meditation practice. Or it may be as simple as committing to a spiritual/healing practice for the first time.

It is time for you to move more deeply into this space.

The Two of Wands reversed suggests that you pay attention to your inner desires and goals, as well as recognizing your fears, particularly of the unknown. Focus on your inner desires when you feel pulled down by fear. That is the beginning of this new journey.

The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card full of blissful relationships and harmony. In the shadow placement, it is here to remind you that this is an inner journey. That your relationship with yourself comes first, always.

Dropping into a deeper space with your own practice and growth with solitary, inner work. This doesn’t mean people disappear and don’t support you, but it does mean that it’s time to commit to your own alignment and desires first.

From there, like securing your own oxygen mask before assisting others, you will thrive. This is an exciting spread to receive. A gift of growth and personal strength and alignment.

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