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A quick, uplifting message

Evolution, a definite theme for Capricorn Born in these early stages.

So far, I’m committed to weekend video readings. Other than that, I’ll be trying a few things to see what sticks.

I felt inspired to do a simple spread today and I’m glad I did! If you’ve found your way to this, enjoy this message.

🌙Mind: the ten of wands (reversed) is inviting you to step back from taking on more responsibility at this time. Instead, try to find peace and satisfaction with what you have accomplished. Relax your mind rather than filling it up.

🌙Body: the four of wands is a reminder that your body is an abundant miracle of possibilities. Celebrate the skin you’re in. Dance, rest, look in the mirror, and say “I love you.”

🌙Spirit: the king of cups (reversed) suggests that your spirit needs time to just be present, not hyper-focused on expansion or accomplishment, or energy…or anything but the NOW.

🌙🌙🌙Together these three invite you to be present in your beautiful body, and grateful for the gifts surrounding you right now. Find space to sit with what you have and find peace with it being perfectly enough for today.

With love,


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