❄️Mid-winter reading {Feb 8th}

Pick-a-card Monday

Welcome to another reading & a new week!

I’d like to set the tone for this week’s reading with a quote from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Abraham Hicks.

“The Universe does not know or care whether the vibration that you’re offering is in response to something you are living right now, and observing, or in response to something you are imagining. In either case, the Universe accepts it as your point of attraction and matches it.”

It feels like a great time—in concert with last week’s cards—to really drop into a space where you can feel the desired outcome you’re seeking. This is the core principle of energy work and manifestation.

If you are feeling lack, and you sit in that, it will continue to be present in your life. The same goes for abundance, love, joy, etc.

The key is to tap into the feeling, even if the physical evidence of your dream seems far fetched or unattainable.

It’s not up to you to figure out how it all fits together, that task is always meant for Universal Intelligence to sort out.

And this is where we, humans, get stuck. We are always trying to think and plan our way through life, when actually, it’s the vibration and energy you carry that moves you closer to, or farther from, your desires.

Sit with this a while and listen for where your inner being most wants to be. Then pick a pile.

Have a beautiful week. And if you’re in the Midwest, stay warm :)


The cards:

The crystals & stones:

1-Citrine: amplifies joy and positive energy flow; creativity✨sacral chakra

2-Rose Quartz: heart opening, soothing, fosters empathy & forgiveness✨heart chakra

3- Sunstone: connects more deeply with intuition, helps with low energy✨root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












Page of Cups

There are opportunities flowing your way!

The message here is to make space for them. This might mean getting up 30 minutes earlier to dig into a new book or project.

Perhaps it’s time to add something new to your routine: watch live music online, visit a museum, doodle in the morning, learn a new game or craft.

What is calling you?

During this process, the Page of Cups reminds you to pay special attention to your emotions and intuition. In other words, don’t overthink this process.

Try to remove judgement from this process and instead do what feels really good.

Keep your heart open to new opportunities that feel good, too. Avoid trying to figure out how the thing you’re drawn to fits into the grand plan of your life. That’s not the aim.

Now is the time to seek out what resonates and bring more of it into your life.


Three of Cups, reversed

The reversed Three of Cups reminds you to make space for you. This can be difficult, especially if you have a long list of responsibilities to family, work, and just being a human in life right now.

The peace you’re seeking is within reach.

If you’re doing a lot of collaborative work, it might be a good time to step back from the group and revisit what lights you up. Take on a new solo project, or simply carve out some time each day where you get to be alone.

Maybe you’re already alone a lot. In this case, the Three of Cups reminds you to reevaluate balance in your life. Are you overindulging? Not caring for yourself?

The peace you’re seeking is within reach.

Where in your life do you most feel out of balance? This is the time to sit with that energy and feel where it takes you. From there, doing what you need is the easiest path to relief and healing.

Pay attention to how you feel. Make space for as much positive energy as possible each day.


The Magician, reversed

The reversed Magician suggests that you have so many talents and possibilities in front of you, but you’re hitting some resistance.

This might feel like you’ve been trying really hard to achieve something, but it isn’t going anywhere. The hampster wheel vibe.

It can also mean that you’ve been bouncing an idea around and around in your head but haven’t acted on it yet. Perhaps you’re procrastinating. Perhaps you are scared that it won’t turn out in a favorable way.

No matter the circumstance around your efforts—or lack thereof—it is time to step back for a few days and release.

Surrender your plans to Spirit and rest a moment. Let the resistance fall away, the doubt, and the fear.

When we surrender, the energy in our lives changes.

Surrendering seems like the fastest way to get absolutely nothing accomplished. Actually—particularly for those hitting a wall of resistance—it is the fastest way to make progress and gain direction or clarity.

Remember, procrastination is a lack of clarity. Once you can see it, you’ll do it with ease.

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