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Welcoming May & Spring 🌱

It is the time of year here in Minnesota where the natural world offers us an endless supply of fresh energy & beautiful gifts to observe…I’m particularly fond of emerging tree buds in all of their tiny, dazzling intricacy.

If you need some grounding and peace, make time to step outdoors and just be.

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The cards

Today’s reading is a 2-card spread, one tarot, one oracle. It’s a new month and the time of year to embrace growth and new beginnings.

What intention or situation do you want some guidance on this week?

Breathe, feel, then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1- Selenite: a master healer, stimulates the immune system, balances body, regulating energies✨Crown chakra

2-Rose Quartz: heart opening, soothing, fosters empathy & forgiveness✨heart chakra

3-Citrine: amplifies joy and positive energy flow; creativity✨sacral chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.










Nine of Pentacles reversed

The Nine of Pentacles suggests that somewhere in your life you’ve been overextending yourself. Perhaps with work or another project where you’re a little in over your head, or rushing to reach the finish line.

This kind of work not only exhausts the body and mind but drains the adrenals over time. Reaching the completed stage doesn’t feel as great as it ought to because all you can think of is rest instead of enjoyment.

Consider what might happen if you slow down, take a break, or pull back a bit on the gas pedal.

Will your world crumble or will you be more nourished and capable?

Whatever is driving you to push, push, push, may just need—as the card suggests—a little more love. Turn your gaze inward to your core motivations and offer yourself some love.

What are your core motivations for getting through this? Sit with those answers, then:

A beautiful & healing meditation for this (repeat to yourself for a few minutes):

I love you

I’m sorry

Forgive me

Thank you.


Knight of Wands reversed

The Knight is full of fire and energy to get things done.

Unfortunately, the shadow side of his energy is total and complete burnout. He also represents someone in your daily life—work, family, etc—that is overbearing, domineering, and sucking the energy out of everything.

Whether you notice the burnout in yourself or the energy-suck from someone in your life, this spread is encouraging you to release the outcome and story you’re telling yourself.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

It’s easy to get our minds set on an outcome we want for ourselves or a behavior we expect from someone else. When our expectations don’t match what we see, we run into contrast. This usually feels like a tired, frustrated feeling.

Let go of your expectations on this one.

Release the outcome to Universal intelligence and put your attention elsewhere. Feel the small and gradual release of the stress you’re carrying, and notice that you don’t need to carry it to reach your desired goal.

Meditation suggestion (repeat for a few minutes):

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It is all in divine timing.


Ace of Wands

This group is being told loud and clear to GO FOR IT!

The Ace of Wands brings with it a wave of inspiration, new beginnings, and ideas. It is the suit of fire and carries a generous helping of momentum in all that you pursue right now.

Coupled with the fresh and new energy of Spring, this spread—for those drawn here today—is encouraging you to do the thing.

Step out of your comfort zone a tiny bit and take a risk you’ve been sitting on. Perhaps it’s a class you want to take, a project you want to launch, or a new haircut. Whatever you’re called to create or try, you are infinitely supported at this time.

What is something you could just…try?

Be open and curious. Remember that curiosity and judgment can’t exist in the same space and your experience will always be bolstered by a healthy dose of curiosity.

Have fun on your “field trip.” Stay curious.

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