✨Lightworker Oracle✨

First reading with this deck

A new month, a recent full moon, and a brand new week!

I like the feeling of starting fresh and gifting yourself the grace to forgive anything you need to release and look to new things.

Today’s reading is about lightwork: healing, being of service, and working with energy to connect more deeply with Source. Lightworkers are considered healers, old souls, and have an innate drive to be of service to all.

This deck—Alana Fairchild’s Lightworker Oracle—explores connecting more deeply with what she calls “your spiritual evolution.”

I’ve had a strange relationship with this deck since it found me a few years ago. Most of the time, it doesn’t call to me at all. But when it does, there is usually a powerful message to share.

This is the first time I’ve brought this deck to a Capricorn Born weekly reading, so something must be stirring!

Let today’s messages settle in. They might take a little while to align, or they might hit you right away.

Either way, remember this is a tool to help connect you with your own inner wisdom.


The crystals & stones:

1-Serpentine: helps to clear blocked or stagnant energies✨all chakras

2- Orange Calcite: creativity, helps with low energy✨sacral chakra

3- Selenite: a master healer, stimulates the immune system, balances body, regulating energies✨Crown chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.










Dark Night of the Soul

This is the work of letting go of your perceived ideas of how things work and surrendering to the unknown.

Surrender sounds simple, and it can be. But getting to a point of letting go—leaping without a net but trusting one will appear—is a mindset shift that takes time.

Love will hold you, but fear will hold you back.

This is about facing what is holding you back, and instead of intellectually predicting what will happen if…instead, practice trust that all will be well. We hold tightly to patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that so often don’t serve our greater good.

You know what to release at this time. You know what’s holding you back.

Sit with the knowledge that surrender is an act of love for yourself. Get out of your head and listen to your heart. Trust that what feels free of fear is always the right path.

How can you reimagine things without fear?


Life Path

This is your journey. From the moment you arrived in this life to the time your transition, there is only one path like yours.

This means that the lessons and experiences you have are meant to serve you and contribute to your greater good, and the good of all.

When you are off of your path, as you might be right now, the path of the higher Self does not disappear. This path is where you can reach your truest expression and feel the brilliance of Source energy flowing through you, inspiring you, and guiding you.

This is a time to listen carefully to your inner guidance. What is pulling you off of your path right now?

How can take steps to realign with what you need?

Remember, you can’t get this wrong. You might suffer for not listening to your guidance, but even in suffering, we learn.

It’s up to you how often you’re listening, only you know.


Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

This is powerful wisdom. It reaches all life forms and has the power to lift up and transform.

The answers you seek are within. You know this. That is your divine feminine.

It is the energy that supports growth and nurtures your journey in this life. It acts as a compass and is a powerful guide in this life.

When this card appears, it is a reminder that you are enough.

You have everything you need to fill your cup. The answer is always a question away if you’re listening.

This wisdom is a rich and beautiful gift that is rooted in love. If you’re afraid or unsure, just ask. The answer will appear.

The guidance is always with you.