☀️Guiding energy to start your week

Last week's New Moon is a great reminder to revisit intentions

Aloha, Seekers! Welcome to another week.

This weekend I made time to set intentions around spending more time in Hawai’i. It feels as much like home to me as Minnesota does, and the energy around returning in some capacity has grown so strong that I’ve started to listen and feel into it.

(Also, it’s -10 F here today, so not terribly difficult to get excited about a beach, haha.)

Today’s reading is offering you guidance around intention building.

Perhaps this is something you’re a rockstar at and you know exactly where you’re headed. Or maybe it’s something you’ve been meaning to devote more time to.

Intentions—and the emotions we feel even when something hasn’t happened yet—are the core pieces of building the life you want.

This is often where folks might show up in your life saying things like, “Wow, you’re so lucky.” Or, “Great things just seem to always happen to you.” And when this happens, you smile and know that intention, inner work, and preparation—not dumb luck—are the things the Universe responds to.

Source responds to you acting in alignment with your Self.

These cards will bring something up for you that needs attention regarding intention.

Have a beautiful reading & week!


The Cards:

The crystals & stones:

1-Ruby Zoisite: amplifies our connection to energies in the spirit world; supports healing from trauma ✨crown chakra

2-Smoky Quartz: disperses fear, stress, and negativity ✨ root chakra

3- Green Flourite: gentle healing, focus, and clarity✨heart & throat chakras

Hold up!

Choose a pile from the photo above before scrolling down.












Four of Coins

Are you finding yourself in a scarcity mindset around the abundance in your life? This shows up as not-enoughness, particularly with money and other “valuable” items.

This card asks you to pay attention to an area in your life where you’re wrapped up in fear around the thing running out, disappearing, not replenishing itself.

You’ll know what that thing is, your fear is an excellent guide when it wants to be.

The Universe is outrageously abundant, and when you feel and believe this to be true (you’ve made it this far, right?) you’ll begin to notice more, more, more.

Spend some time in quiet reflection imagining the thing you have flowing to you.

Perhaps you take an imaginary walk to your local ATM and see a dream amount of money when you log in.

Or maybe you hop on a imagined Zoom call and you get that promotion. Or you sell your business for more than you ever thought you could.

It might be grander or much simpler, but whatever it is that you’re blocking due to scarcity thinking, work on opening up. Allow. Trust. It is yours.


Ace of Wands, reversed

Ace and Wands are full of opportunity and forward-moving energy. However, in the reversed position this card is here to remind you to refocus.

What is taking up time in your life right now that’s keeping you from doing the things you want to do? Where are you distracted?

Are you procrastinating at work because you’re not clear on where you’re going?

Are you drinking too much and missing your morning workout?

Are you switching on the TV instead of picking up that book or calling a friend?

Whatever the goal is, this energy is pointing to something, or some pattern, that is keeping you from getting to where you want to be.

Be gentle with yourself. We all have periods of distraction and delay.

Take just one step towards rectifying things. Maybe it’s clarifying what you want with a journal session. Perhaps it’s recommitting to yourself to do the thing you’ve been meaning to do.



Temperance is here to remind you of the importance of balance and moderation.

Where are you out of balance?

It may mean that you’ve implemented new routines and practices in your life recently and that this will continue to serve you right now.

Or this might be the nudge you’ve been looking for to make some changes in your life and routine that are healthier for mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy can mean many things, and that is up to you to feel into and decide.

But you will know—almost immediately—what needs further reflection and examination. That’s your intuition, your connection to Universal Intelligence, hard at work!

Remember to start small with change and gradually make adjustments along the way. Huge shifts are often abandoned because we expect too much from ourselves all at once. Go easy. One step at a time.


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