First Full Spring Moon 🌕

Pick a card to connect with your inner guidance this week

Good morning and welcome to another week of readings. Yesterday, we enjoyed a full moon, the first this Spring.

One of the best things about Spring in areas that experience four seasons is the surge of growth energy that emerges after a quiet winter. The stores of energy in the Earth, the trees, and the returning animals give Spring an electric quality.

There are endless possibilities.

You might be coming out of a particularly challenging period of time, weeks or even months of it. Now is a beautiful time to reflect on how the energy of Spring can serve you.

Here are a couple of journal prompts to consider. I recommend 20 minutes of freewriting, as it often takes 15 to really start opening up.

  • How can you harness the energy of Spring to heal any lingering wounds?

  • What is your inner guidance calling forth for you? A change? A risk?

Here in Minnesota, it’s a perfect time to sit with Nature and take in this annual process of renewal, birth, and growth.



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Today’s reading

This week is a single card offering some additional insight into whatever you’re focused on manifesting.

This is a wonderful time of year to be intentional in what you choose to create. There is a lot of new energy surfacing to support you at this time.

Breathe, listen, then choose a pile. No need to rush.

The crystals & stones:

1- Howlite or Snow Leopard Stone: calm communication, tranquility, emotional expression ✨ all chakras

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












The Full Moon

The best part about this card is that I always thoroughly shuffle before a reading, yet this message still wanted to come through a second time. Excellent!

Whew! As always, the full moon brings with it energy and clarity. It literally illuminates what we can’t always see during other phases.

What is this moon showing you that you might have not seen before?

It might be an opportunity in disguise, a connection waiting to be made, or something you need to learn (maybe it’s time to open that book that’s been sitting on your night table).

Because the full moon is so energizing, emotions can be strong at this time. This, coupled with Spring growth, is a powerful time.

It’s a good idea to spend some time releasing negative thoughts and emotions as much as possible now, too. They can be stirred to powerful levels just as the lighter emotions can at this time.

Feel into what you want to manifest and create. Sit with that feeling. Then go out and take the first step you need to get there.


Seven of Cups

It is time for this group to seek grounding in a daily practice. This might be standing barefoot on the Earth, meditating, making music, or any other grounding practice you have.

The Seven of Cups is about temptation, particularly when our emotions are stirred.

There is energy in your life right now that will more easily pull you from your path of grounded clarity and into a space of deception. In this space, you are lured into behaviors that don’t serve you but may seem like it at the time.

Be aware of temptation and greed within yourself. This is inner work, and Spring is the perfect time for powerful emotions to pull us off of an otherwise steady path.

It’s a good time to be keenly aware of when you’re making emotionally charged decisions and to step back until your clear-headed.

Again, grounding practices when emotions are high will serve you well this week.


Knight of Swords reversed

The Knight is honest and clear about where he’s headed. However, in a reversed position, this card suggests that you are bumping up against some deception in your life.

Are you talking yourself into or out of something that doesn’t serve your highest good?

Are you being deceitful in some way toward people you care about? Why?

Along with the powerful renewal that Spring brings, this is a perfect time to address honesty and truth. When are you lying, stretching the truth, and why? Swords are about the intellect, and our rational mind can do a number on us if we’re struggling.

What are you seemingly trying to protect yourself from and what would happen if you were radically honest with yourself and others?

This card offers you the opportunity to really look inside at your behaviors and course-correct where things aren’t aligned. Connect with your heart center and listen.

Try this journal exercise at least one time this week:

-set a timer for 20 minutes

-freewrite about anything in your life that you’re keeping from others, or any truths that you’re manipulating for your own benefit

-keep in mind that you might be holding something that’s much older than you thought and it’s especially important to begin the process of releasing that energy first

-give this exercise the proper time it needs…you might not come up with anything until the end


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