Tarot as guidance for the good of all đź’ś

Read first: an introduction to this wildly misunderstood tool

Welcome to Capricorn Born by me, Natalie Jennings. If you’re new to the divination space and tools like the Tarot, stick with me.

I want to emphasize the word tool before going any further.

A tool for what?

The Tarot is a tool to help you navigate the archetypes and energy that surround us all, a.k.a., life. No matter your belief system, level of skepticism, or background, you live in the same swirl of energy fields as I do.

With an open mind, you’ll discover helpful insights, clarifications, encouragements, and even deep healing around anything you’re carrying with you. Perhaps it’s a problem you keep noodling over. It might be some heavy energy, or maybe a question you’d like to look at with a different lens.

So, why Tarot?

To better understand how a deck of cards printed and boxed by some print company onto card stock can help you in life, it’s important to recognize archetypes (in this case, the images printed on the cards) and the energy signatures that accompany them.

Archetypes have always been with us. A few common archetypes include “the mother” or “the mountain” or “the king”. Each has energy—or an energetic signature—it carries with it. Someone may behave in a way that embodies “mother” energy or “king” energy, for example.

Archetypes are like a universal language for describing “vibes” or patterns in behavior that we all experience, no matter our background. Sitting with these energies when they arise offers us the opportunity to better understand the situations we find ourselves in, and how we choose to navigate our world moving forward.

This is a very basic description, but archetypes allow us to label and understand larger concepts in a more concrete and concise way. You’ll find—throughout human history—that they are an essential component in myths, religions, and stories.

Archetypes allow us to make sense of things.

Tarot doesn’t require a certain belief system to work.

I believe it’s essential to recognize that there are many modalities for healing, personal growth, and connecting with Source, God, the Divine, the Spiritual Realm, etc.

From music to meditation, prayer to plant medicine, the tools we use to help us connect to Spirit are many, and they all have a place on this journey. After all, I believe we are eternal, spiritual beings navigating a human experience, not the other way around.

However, believing in this connection is not a prerequisite for the Tarot to be effective. Good news for you if you’re staunchly atheist or extremely skeptical.

So, how does it work exactly?

You might be asking: “It’s not like some magic energy “makes” me pick a certain card, right?”

Maybe, maybe not. It actually doesn’t matter what side of the spiritual spectrum you land on. It can work well for everyone.

People who work with the Tarot have their own way of interpreting its power and efficacy. I like the concept that the cards act as a mirror: they reflect back to you what you already know, your inner wisdom.

“It’s an invitation to your subconscious mind and an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and answers that reside in us all.” -Brigit Esselmont

If you believe it’s completely random and not influenced by higher energy, that’s totally cool. But what does the card or reading bring up for you? Excitement? Annoyance? Relief? Nothing?

Your subconscious mind—whether you believe your thoughts are divinely inspired or not—will lead you to places you might avoid or ignore. You may even discover something new you didn’t realize was there. The Tarot allows us to access the processing power of our subconscious mind by acting as a kind of trigger.

For example, the specific question you ask the deck in conjunction with a particular card might shed light on exactly what you missed in the problem, an “ah-ha” moment! The cards can help you see something in a different light.

Another practice may be spending a day or week, or even longer, with an archetype from your reading, then really listening and paying attention to how it shows up in your life. You may be surprised where the energy or archetypes take you if you’re paying attention.

About Capricorn Born

Had to have a catchy name, right?

The Tarot readings and other related things I share—including this newsletter—were inspired by a desire to connect a pragmatic world with an intuitive one and, hopefully, offer inspired guidance for the good of all.

There are myriad ways to work with a deck, and it’s up to you how you incorporate it into your life. You’ll find a few different variations here each week, but you’ll quickly find that the possibilities are endless.

This work is all about connection, fun, and understanding the energy signatures swirling all around us. Be as light or heavy with this practice as you feel called to.

At the heart of this project is my deep belief that there is so much we don’t understand about the universe and our—for now—human role in it.

Our intuition is the human gift we have to dance more deeply with the unknown. Honing our intuition is a practice. The Tarot is just one bridge we can use to get from our human understanding to a connection with the divine.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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