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Hello friends,

A quick note to announce @Capric0rnb0rn on Instagram!

(Remember to change those letter o’s to zeros to make sure you find the right place.)

In addition to more in-depth readings here on the newsletter, I’ll be posting to Instagram, too.

Learn about individual card meanings, astrological influences, and the esoteric properties of plants.

🌿 If you’re on Insta, join the journey here.

Tarot & astrology are deeply intertwined, and both can help us connect with our inner wisdom. As much as we think we know about the physical world (and yes, I love science, too!), there’s so much we have yet to discover.

In the name of a deeper understanding of self and the energy around us, I’m delighted to have you along for the ride.

Until next time,


PS: Know someone who’d love this? The more the merrier!

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