Archetypes {Nov 8th}

Pick a card Sunday ☀️

What a week. The collective is very focused right now, and when we share similar thoughts in large groups, the energy is powerful.

Archetypes can show up as broad energetic waves in your life, and this week has certainly been a perfect example of this. Archetypal energies like Leader, Doubt, Community, and Mother have been especially present recently.

We are all touched by these sweeping energetic waves in some way or another. Despite our individual experiences, there are times when the collective is strong.

This week, I’ve chosen to work with one card per pile from Kim Krans’s The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck. Like the past week’s energy, these are broader themes you’re likely to find in your life.

No matter where you fit into the collective community this week, use the messages you receive from the cards to help you focus your own energies in the most productive ways possible for the greater good.



The Cards:

Today’s cards are archetypes. They are broader, energetic themes rather than more specific narrative messages.

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Which pile draws you in the most?

Now is the perfect time to ask for clarity on the gifts you can bring to the collective moving forward.

If nothing comes to mind, try, “What do I most need to hear right now?”

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

All of today’s stones are unpolished White Selenite pieces.

1-3 White Selenite: clarity of mind, cleanses negative energy build-up, high vibration ✨Crown chakra


The Self is the soul, the witness, the watcher.

“When this card appears, it’s a call to step back in to witness consciousness, to observe yourself navigating the world.

“Ask yourself, ‘Am I the stew, or am I the chef?’”

Another way to identify the Self is to think something—a song lyric say—and as you recite this lyric internally, ask yourself Who or What is able to observe that you are doing this. That is the Self.

You are not your thoughts.

The Self is the container where we experience ourselves and the world. It’s a construction, aided by the ego, that helps us make sense of our human place in this existence. It is seemingly static, but also malleable.

In order to connect with our larger, more divine, and whole Self, we must first do the hard work of resisting seeing ourselves as only the Little Self. The ego works tirelessly to keep us small. Stepping beyond our egos into the Whole and the true Self is a daily practice.

“It’s no surprise that two central mantras in the yoga tradition concern themselves with the Self. Experiment with SO HAM (I Am That) and SAT NAM (True Identity).”

This is a time to try and “see the You behind the Youand connect with the flow of greater energy that is the whole.

This is both freeing and freedom.

(quotes from The Wild Unknown Archetypes Guidebook)


The Sustainer is the peacemaker, the upholder, the preserver.

This energy keeps things moving forward. It is the energy that motivates daily chores and tasks and helps to keep households and communities together.

“The Sustainer is at peace with the process of life, knowing there is no start or finish to humble yet meaningful tasks.”

This is a time to recognize the value in the things you do each day to sustain and maintain, for yourself, and others around you. It is a reliable, steady energy that needs to be recognized and embraced in the coming weeks to see you through.

Take pride in the small things that make up your life.

Peeling and orange, watering a plant, sweeping the floor. These are the pieces of existence that sustain us all. When they are honored, life force moves easily through us. Take care and time with them. Be present.

Try not to overextend yourself. This energy has a shadow side that can leave us feeling exhausted and overworked.

Make time for generosity and steadiness, but also time for rest, too.

(quotes from The Wild Unknown Archetypes Guidebook)


The Shadow is the unspeakable, the unwelcome, the denied.

“Although every card in the archetypes deck has a shadow potential, this card asks us to delve into the qualities of The Shadow itself.”

Sometimes we have a tendency as human beings to want to hide our darkest habits and thoughts, to clean out and polish up and scrub things until they are clean and sparkling.

We want to look the other way when things within ourselves are unpleasant or difficult to face.

The Shadow reminds us that the Shadow IS, always. There is no way to eradicate the darkness without damaging the whole. It is present in everything we do, and it’s up to us whether we choose to learn from its lessons.

Shadow energies guide us by showing us what we may want to avoid and thus point us in the direction of light and our best path. Thank the Shadows that appear, for they are often your greatest teachers and most dependable guides.

Own your Shadow and Light as equals. They both have a role, and perspective is everything.

“In the Shadow of the gods are the very gods themselves.” -James Hillman

Until next time, be well.

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