Pick a card

Hello dear Seekers, welcome.

Today, I want to open with a recent post on the @capric0rnb0rn Instagram account. It says:

Let’s say you were trying to make a big decision about something. So you decide to flip a coin. The moment that coin lands but BEFORE you uncover it, there is something.

It’s the part of you that already knows the answer you seek because for a split second you wish for a specific outcome. In the asking, you’re most often already hoping for a certain result.

That is how the cards work, too.

I don’t take the view that readers are “fortune tellers” or can predict outcomes.

In my view, tarot is a tool that helps us more deeply understand ourselves. It helps us to grow and connect with our inner wisdom.


However feels best for you. Perhaps it’s straight up divine intervention or maybe it’s a simple reminder of something you need to examine.

Either way, like the coin flip, the cards are always pointing toward something and—most often—your intuition will get a little pang. From there, it’s up to you.

We can’t run from our own truths. They are persistent. Sometimes, when the answer you seek feels like a mountain to climb, it’s best to begin.

Archetypes can show up as broad energetic waves in your life.

We are all touched by these sweeping energetic waves in some way or another.

This week, I’ve chosen to work with one card per pile from Kim Krans’s The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck. 

The Cards:

Which pile draws you in the most?

Now is the perfect time to ask for clarity around the gifts you can bring to the collective moving forward.

If nothing comes to mind, try, “What do I most need to hear right now?”

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Lapiz Lazuli: self-awareness, speaking truth, self-expression, clarity✨throat & third eye chakras

2- Black Moonstone: calm emotions, feminine energy, hormonal imbalances✨root & third eye chakras

3- Raw Amethyst: promotes the love of the divine while encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom✨third eye chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












The Village

This speaks to an area of your life where you feel trapped, perhaps surrounded by folks that are not seeing things your way.

You may be seeking to be understood right now and to feel comfortable in your life: your home, work, and relationships.

The irony of The Village is that its shadow and light want to pull you in two different directions.

When light, this energy is grounding, comforting, like home. You are understood. You are seen. You are nourished and cared for.

When dark, this energy is restrictive, small-minded, and redundant.

You may have to leave your Village in order to gain the clarity and understanding you seek.

Where have to begun to feel restricted where you used to feel cared for? How can you get some fresh air?

This might be a literal journey somewhere else for a while, or a modification to your lifestyle in some way. Or deeper yet, some work within.

Like all archetypes, this is multifaceted. Make time to sit with this daily this week. Pay attention to what emerges that you need to hear.


The Kiss

This energy is alerting you to a big shift in your life. It is a merging of one with another. True intimacy.

True intimacy requires confidence in Self, trust in Other, and surrender.

The Kiss is here to remind you that an opportunity for deep intimacy is close, if not already within reach.

Where are you blocking surrender in your life? Where can you be more open and inviting to possibilities?

When we are closed, it is due to the presence of fear.

When we surrender and trust, it is in the presence of love.

In order to embrace this gift of intimacy, you must also be aware of the light and shadow elements of The Kiss.

When light, things feel open, inviting, even sensual and pleasurable.

When dark, things feel needy, pressured, and out of alignment.

Like all archetypes, this is multifaceted. Make time to sit with this daily this week. Pay attention to what emerges that you need to hear.


The Storm

This is big.

It is chaos, rearrangement, rebirth. It feels like crap when it’s happening, but has great gifts on the other side.

Only you will know upon seeing this if this is an inward whirlwind or external upheaval. Both bring gifts but cannot be manipulated or pushed up against.

When you are in the Storm, you must wait it out.

Universal intelligence—like a vine seeking to climb closer to the sun—knows exactly how to arrange things for you based on what you have been asking for.

But prayer, or asking, is not always what we think it is.

If you are praying for your health to improve, you are sitting in the vibration of illness because you are saying over and over, “I am sick. I want to get better.” Source will then match you, and it will seem that you’re not improving or being heard.

The key to waiting out the Storm is to feel as if it is over and you are on the other side. That will be heard by Source, and a change must follow. It is the Law of Attraction. In order to attract how you want to feel, you must find a way to feel that way first, before anything physically changes around you.

Our thoughts turn to emotions, our emotions guide all of our actions, and our actions become our homes, our bodies, our lives.

While you wait out this storm, your work is to find the emotion of how it will feel when it is over. If you can sit in that emotion—the emotion of what you can’t see already existing for you—your life will change.

Remember, this is a practice. Try to feel into your desired emotion for a few seconds and build from there.

Like all archetypes, this is multifaceted. Make time to sit with this daily this week. Pay attention to what emerges that you need to hear.