Animals {Oct 11}

Some energy from nature to guide your week ahead 🦉

Welcome to another reading!

Here in Minnesota, it’s pretty magical outside. It feels like nature’s energy is coming through like a tidal wave this week, so the cards are rooted in animal themes this time.

Enjoy the outside colors, enjoy the cards!


Today’s cards:

This is a 2-card spread

The cards will show guiding Animal energies working together with a tarot card that emphasizes what to look out for to bring you closer to your question’s solution.

Take a deep breath. Hold for a few seconds and release. Relax and ask for guidance on whatever feels top of mind.

If nothing comes, focus on asking for what you most need to hear right now.

Which pile draws you in the most?

From left to right, piles 1-3.

Breath. Listen. Feel. Then choose.

The crystals & stones:

1-Kunzite: calms emotions, promotes inner strength, emotional healing✨throat & third eye chakras

2-Tiger’s Eye: luck, focus and clarity, calm anxiety✨solar plexus chakra

3- Blue agate: healing, the release of tension, harmonizes energy✨throat chakra

Hold up!

Choose a pile from the photo above before scrolling down.











Pile 1

Bison & Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups brings forth the energies of youthful passion, idealism, and even some moodiness. He feels everything strongly and embodies the emotions of childhood as well as a maturing young adult.

The Bison is sacred to many North American cultures. In addition to an association with abundance, it is a strong spiritual symbol deeply resonant with the land & earth.

Together these energies bring you a beautiful invitation to tap into your most original emotions, the ones you can identify from childhood memories. The emotions that have been with you a while. Connect with the healing energies of the land and lean into whatever emotions arise.

This is a perfect time to create your own ceremony for yourself, something that helps you to connect with the earth more deeply. It might be a walk in the woods, a recitation of a prayer or poem, or gathering natural items for a sacred space in your home.

Whatever you decide to do to connect with the land, the knight’s youthful and emotional nature will help you discover what you most need right now. Think like a child, try and look at your environment with a youthful lens and see where it takes you.

Intention for the week: I intend to connect more deeply with the earth, my home. I see this magical land with the eyes of a child and feel at peace knowing I am always held.

Pile 2

White Stag & Queen of Swords reversed

The White Stag is a leader and protector. He is very wise and deeply connected to landscapes filled with forests and streams. White is the color of light, love, and purity. When you embody his energy you feel clear, strong, and grounded.

The Queen of Swords reversed is a woman of sharp and keen intellect. She is not warm, but instead practical and efficient. In a reversed placement she represents the shadow elements of the intellect when it is impatient and dark, including gossip, pettiness, and lack of patience.

These energies together remind you to lean into grounding practices—mediation, nature walks, rest, nutritious whole foods prepared at home—especially when you feel short-fused. Your mind may have a tendency to get away from you right now, and leaning into your inner wisdom and heart will benefit you more than overthinking things.

The Queen may, in some cases, literally represent a strong & stubborn woman making a notable impact in your life right now. This energy should be met the same way, with the grounded stability of the stag. It’s best not to interact until you first find that solid footing.

Intention for the week: I am not my thoughts. I find true alignment in my inner knowing and I trust the right solution will always present itself when I allow it.

Pile 3

Hawk & Four of Wands Reversed

The Hawk is a symbol of clarity, optimism, and precision. She is focused and calm, not easily ruffled. She is excellent at planning and focuses both on the big picture and tiny details.

The Four of Wands reversed represents a challenge within your professional relationships. It can also signal ambivalence about a specific project or idea you were once very excited about. Perhaps things aren’t working out the way you had intended, or maybe you’re intently focused on someone else's shortcomings.

Together, these two cards encourage you to take a big ol’ step back and try to see the bigger picture here. Avoid nitpicking the actions and behavior of others. Also, be aware of when you’re turning your scrutinizing and harsh gaze on yourself.

Recognize that things sometimes happen as part of a larger whole that’s often difficult to see entirely. Try to relax right now, trust that things will work out, and spend your energy focused on what it feels like when what you want arrives in your life.

Intention for the week: When I surrender, I can see the bigger picture. I trust the details will fall into place. It feels so good to know what I want is on its way.

Final thoughts

Nature came through extra loud and clear this week. So loud, in fact, that I almost didn’t add the tarot element. But ultimately it seemed like a good and clarifying complement to this week’s reading.

This feels like an important time to take in your environment. Observe the autumn transitions around you. This time is symbolic of so many fundamental elements related to our existence. Take it all in! 🍁

Have a beautiful week,


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