Almost New Moon {May 10}

A good time to ask for guidance: new week, new cycle 🌚

Hello Seekers!

Welcome to a new week and an almost New Moon. This is a perfect time to sit with the feelings you have around growth and expansion.

Where do you want to grow?

What would bring you joy?

How are you evolving?

This week’s reading is a short and sweet (but always potent!) one-card spread.

Get outside after this and breathe in some Earth, ground your energy with bare feet, and be still.


The cards

The crystals & stones:

1-Garnierite: soothing, grounding, strength during turmoil✨heart chakra

2-Citrine: amplifies joy and positive energy flow; creativity✨sacral chakra

3-Amethyst: mental tranquility, addiction support✨crown chakra

Hold up!

Choose a card from the photo above before scrolling down.












The Chariot

This is a determined group and/or one that has the potential to reach great heights.

What do you have your sights set on?

Is there something in your life you want to change, move toward, and implement?

Now is the time.

Not only do you have the deeply rooted energy of Spring and new growth, but a New Moon cycle as well. Change and growth are in the air!

Take the time to get clear about what you want and go for it.

The Chariot is driven, determined, and forward-moving. Tap into this archetype as a reminder that you have everything you need to reach your aim.

You are SO incredibly supported right now. With consistency and a clear goal, you’re sure to make progress quickly.

First, make a decision.

Second, write it down.

Third, find some time to center yourself and imagine how it feels to have success.


Five of Wands Reversed

Are you struggling to make a decision?

Perhaps feeling upset about something, like how you’ve handled a situation?

Or maybe you’re experiencing a lot of self-doubts lately?

The Five of Wands Reversed signifies an inner turmoil or conflict. The Wands are all about forward movement, creating and doing, and are connected to the element of fire.

When paired with our New Moon upon us AND Spring in full force, you are being called to burn through these doubts until you’re left with a blank slate.

In order to allow room for fresh growth and new ideas, you must first address this inner conflict you’re grappling with, however big or small.

This is a perfect time to ask Nature for your next steps.

It’s amazing how many answers are right in front of us, all of the time. Spend some time asking, then, more importantly, listening.

Listen to that still small voice we call carry. It will gift you the answers you need to move forward.


Queen of Cups

Coupled with the newness of Spring and a New Moon, this card invited you to share your compassion and wisdom with others.

The Queen of Cups is emotionally strong and highly intuitive. Even if you’re not feeling these things yourself, there is energy in the archetype available to you always.

Tap into the Queen and see where your inner wisdom guides you.

How can you be supportive to someone who really needs it right now?

Where can your compassion be of service?

When we act out of a space of alignment, these things don’t drain us but instead fill us up. Sometimes we need to be filled up and sometimes we fill ourselves by extending ourselves to others.

This doesn’t have to be a grand, massive undertaking. It might be buying someone’s coffee or calling a dear friend.

Whatever you’re feeling—low energy or filled up—the Queen is encouraging you to reach out with compassion to someone in your community.


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