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This isn’t future-telling or spooky predictions, it’s a reflective tool to help you navigate life with fresh insights, new perspectives, and the answers you seek (but already have).

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What folks are saying about readings:

“I would not hesitate to recommend her medicine for anyone looking to empower their own life journey." -Cheryl L.

"Natalie's reading gave me the clarity I was looking for while also making me go within and reassess some current things that were not working like they should.

Natalie is a brilliant reader and was able to provide so much wisdom from the cards. I felt equipped to make some serious choices and sit with what truly needs to come next.” -Mindy H.

"Natalie is a natural at articulating the bridge between you and your guides.

Having a tarot reading done by her has allowed me to deepen my understanding of self and gain greater awareness around who I am and who I want to be.” -Bri D.

"Thanks to Natalie, and her amazing tarot card readings, I've been able to make some fantastic, life-changing decisions with total clarity and grace.

I honestly don't know if I would've taken the leaps without the information she provided.

Every reading she does always feel so spot on, and she infuses it with high vibes and wisdom. She's seriously the best!” -Sabrina G.

About Me:

I’ve been interested in tarot since I was a teen, but I didn’t get serious about things until a few years before I started this Substack in 2020, say, c. 2017.

Since then, I’ve done hundreds of readings for folks in person and all over the world (thank you, Zoom!) and have been featured on multiple podcasts discussing my approach to the cards, including The Documented Heart with

, The Modern Woman Show, Get a Heck Yes!, and This Can’t Be That Hard.

I’m also a deck artist and have recently completed my first deck, The Corporate Oracle, a deck designed to bridge the journey between corporate life and inner exploration.

get the Corporate Oracle here

My other project, Saga Modernai Tarot, is in the works.

I’m passionate about destigmatizing tarot away from the weird and scary Hollywood version of card readers and towards a more reflective, empowering approach. You can read more about that here.

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Tarot & oracle readings (every Monday since 2020!) to help you figure out more of your life & deepen the practice of connecting to your intuition. These are quick, easy reads packed with insights to support you & whatever you're going through.


Short & sweet tarot readings (every Monday since 2020!) to help you figure out more of your life & deepen the practice of connecting to your intuition.